Customizable for your Institution

Our program allows us to create an application specifically tailored towards
your unique establishment.

Issue Reporting

Always know when there's a problem at your school. Students can report problems on the fly which will notify the appropriate administrators for the certain type of issue. Issue types include violence, cyber bullying, maintenance, sexual harassment/assault, theft, and cheating.

Be Connected

Database of contactable administrators help parents and students gain access to resources they need from their school. Assists the community in becoming involved in their education.

Utility Selection

Search through our selection of utilities to find which ones work best for your needs.

News/ Calendar

Keep parents and students updated on upcoming campus events and activities. Communities have a hard time of keeping track of school affairs, however with push notifications the community will always know what's happening.

Easy Administrator

MyCampus' backend is a user-friendly service that can be learned and operated without tech-support. Manage, track, update, reward and more...
all from our easy-to-use admin interface.

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